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Today’s leaders are facing a crisis in judgment like never before. And the alarming results are compromising the stability of organizations across the world. Our answer is AJIL™.


Simply put, AJIL® equips leaders with the tools to learn more about themselves and apply that knowledge in the workplace. Our assessment and workshops identify problem solving competencies, uncover blindspots in decision making, and turn behavioral insights into meaningful action. Together, we’re helping people live and lead wisely.



Explore our science-based assessment of human judgment for aspiring or current leaders.



Interpret your report and organize a plan by training with an Executive Advisor.



AJIL facilitates your hiring process and recruit the best candidates for your organization.

Our process

Our proprietary process goes farther in preparing today’s leaders to act thoughtfully and adapt to the world around them. We tap into the science of judgment to develop what neurologists call “executive function” of the brain, or the ability to think about how you think.



the what

Discover the behavioral factors that support and sabotage your decision making.

the so what

Understand how those factors impact the world around you and how you can make better choices through deliberative practice.

the now what

Apply your insights for sustained growth and learn how to avoid traps that might derail you.

The AJIL® assessment played a crucial role in the ongoing development of the high potential managers of which many moved onto senior leadership roles shortly after our session. The insights that the assessment and our time with Daven and Kaleen were instrumental in driving growth within the team’s leadership.

Daven and his AJIL partner Kaleen Barbara designed and delivered a custom program supporting our CDW Residency Leaders. The Residency program is an essential part of our on-boarding process and supports CDW across the entire enterprise. It was a delight for me to lead this effort with the support of the AJIL Analytics team and to leverage the AJIL method to support our leadership judgment.

Brendan Gittell
Area Sales Director – Northeast/ Mid-Atlantic

creating meaningful change

The AJIL® method places the power of transformation in the hands of individuals. That’s because we believe organizational growth begins on a personal level — and it rarely happens alone. With the help of an AJIL® Executive Advisor, our method can teach leaders to target specific outputs, including competencies such as improved work quality, quantity, and timeliness.

OUR leadership

Daven Morrison, M.D.

Fashion Blogger

Fred Harburg

Fashion Blogger


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